Vanquish the Enemy Within this Elul

Take no prisoners this Elul! Eradicate that which is not of our Creator. Vanquish the enemy within!

Do you ever scratch your head over commandments Yah give in the Tanakh to win the wars utterly and thoroughly? Vanquish the enemy. No mercy.

In every instance of this, we find the enemy not just in total contempt for Israel, but also for Israel’s God, YHVH.

This sort of thinking would not be even slightly tolerated by those preaching tolerance today.

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In a politically correct culture, war is always bad and always wrong. Israel is never a good guy and is not tolerated.

Vanquish the Enemy that has Wielded its Way In

“If there were ever a month that so encapsulated the message of the Good News, it would be Elul. Our Master came preaching repentance towards God and reconciliation between men. In parable after parable, our Master taught us to not limit the mercy of God, nor to think too highly of ourselves.”


We write this in the month of Elul, a time set aside for reflection, repentance, and growth. A time to admit where we messed up and enjoy a fresh start. A time to look boldly and courageously at the sin within. And vanquish it utterly.

However, this is a fresh start, earned through introspection, and authenticity (first with ourself, then Elohim and lastly others).

Indeed, this season is a gift of righting our wrongs, changing our hearts, and choosing to grow in Him.

Moreover, this cleansing from within time will be nigh impossible for those who cannot bear to admit their errors, sins, or lack of perfection. You cannot vanquish the enemy within if you cannot bear to admit he exists.

‘If someone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for the one who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen.’

(1 John 4:20)

This is a full-on war to win. No mercy. Vanquish-the-enemy style warfare.

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Here are some tips for battle:

  • be ruthless
  • weed out wayward tendencies
  • we can be led astray – consider this humbly
  • we can misunderstand; others, YHVH, His Word, ourselves, admit this
  • our intentions are not always pure, root our your genuine motivations (polish them up if tarnished)

We all sin, not one of us, is without sin. That sin does not reflect our Messiah. It has no beauty, no matter how much grooming we put into it.

Sin is our enemy, and until we choose to acknowledge that and wage war against it, we will continue to feel defeated in our lives and walks.

Show no mercy against evil. For that is our Elohim’s directions for going to war against that which is against Him.

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