Torah & Grace; Are You a Torah Bully?

The Torah bullies are surely out in full force lately. So sad and frustrating. We at The Weightier Matters think it is time to start standing up to them. Torah and Grace belong together. Always. At all times.

How to Know if You are a Torah Bully or Playing Torah Police

  • You are often accused of being argumentative
  • You feel it is your right and duty to expose where others are wrong (in your opinion).
  • You make people uncomfortable.
  • You tend to monologue.
  • You are not humble – you know you are correct in your understandings and insist on ‘debating’ or ‘sharing’ until others give up, block you, or give in to whatever it is you want them to agree with.
  • You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are right.
  • You tend to lecture and take over for leaders or teachers whenever you can.
  • You dominate group discussions.
  • You have lots of knowledge.
  • You can spout verses and Hebrew extensively.
  • You believe yourself to be wise.
  • You forget or don’t agree that Torah and Grace go hand in hand.
  • You are frequently accused of being angry.
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A Little Straight Talk about Torah & Grace

Folks, you are clanging bells if you go around in real life, or on social media haranguing others about things that even the most learned scholars cannot agree on.

If you have a ‘truth’ that is near and dear to your heart and you feel led to spread that truth – pray that you will learn how to share in love and kindness, with mercy and grace.

Moreover, recognize that your interpretation may not be correct. Whether it is a Scriptural or Hebrew language interpretation – there is the possibility that you are not correct. You may be mostly correct, but not entirely or you may be completely wrong.

However, the ability to admit we are wrong or might be wrong, is of utmost importance. The ability to be kind, gentle, generous, full of grace and mercy are also. Indeed, Torah and Grace go together.

Do NOT Pound Strangers Over Thier Heads with Your Insights

First, no one wants to be attacked verbally or otherwise. And when you pounce (maybe you call it rebuking, admonishing or sharing) on someone over something like spelling, pronunciation or calendar to show them where they are wrong – you are attacking. No matter what you want to call it or how important you believe your issue is – an attack is not the honorable method of getting your point across.

As is true in so many areas of life a goal to success is to build relationships. Get to know someone, develop a relationship of some sort (yes, that is possible, even on social media). Then share out of GENUINE love for your brother.

Simply going around rebuking and debating or insisting is not going to win you converts. At least not many. And they won’t stick around long if you continue insisting on your way or the highway.

How much better is it to hear correction from someone you know cares for you? And how much more soothing to your soul to stop walking around with a prideful attitude?

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Is it time to stick up to the bullies?

If you come off as a braggart, or know-it-all, insisting only your interpretation is correct, you are a bully. An unwanted bully.

This is not how to love one another. It does not give glory to our Creator. It does not attract anyone to want to know more about the Faith walk we are on. It is repellant.

We are thinking it is time to stand up to the bullies. Bullies can change, so let’s give them grace and mercy like we so wish they could do. But let’s stop allowing them to dominate, lessen Messiah’s reputation, turn truth seekers away or any of the other divisive behaviors they bring to the table.

The Weightier Matters are what matter first; Justice, Faith, Love. Grace and Torah. Torah and Grace.

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