Time to Repent – Hebrews Have Made a Mess

Abiding in the Weightier Matters? Living life with mercy and kindness? Are these the characteristics that the world sees in the Hebraic movement? Is it time to repent?

First generation modern, western Hebrews have made a mess. And it’s time to clean it up.

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Our excitement with our new understanding, our discoveries, the way the Word of Yahweh made so much more sense now. We were passionate and on fire for the ways of Torah.

 Pride only breeds quarrels, but wisdom is found in those who do take advice.

Proverbs 13:10

Proud, we invited strife in. Created divisions. Our egos almost exploded. How did we forget to love? We sidestepped grace. We knew better, about pretty much everything. Ugh.

Starting a quarrel is like breaching a dam; so drop the matter before a dispute breaks out.

Proverbs 17:14

Time to repent, mature, and make things right!

Our children have seen too much, experienced too much pain and need us to clean up our mess. How can we expect them to carry on the insane ugliness we created?

We tell them to walk this path after we leave it strewn with landmines. Then we wonder why they don’t want to follow us. It is time to repent and step forward in mercy and kindness.

“Does the same Spirit lead all of us, or is there a separate Holy Spirit for each of us? Shouldn’t we, then, be of a common belief, but tolerant of others’ views about details or understandings of a standard or law? Or is it “My way or the highway?” “

Studies in the Word of God

We Got Some Things Right – But Left out Mercy & Kindness

Truly, Yahweh has used us for a mighty work! We were trailblazers and cleared paths and bulldozed what needed bulldozing. Furthermore, we went against the grain of our Christian culture and dealt with all kinds of pain and attacks from our Christian family and friends. Without a doubt, we stayed the course.

Indeed, we are strong and we know what we believe. But we have forgotten the Weightier Matters. Consequently, we have become all about tithing the mint and cumin. And Yahshua himself said that we should do that, while NOT neglecting the Weightier Matters.

However, we neglected the weightier matters, we forgot mercy and grace and kindness. It is time to repent.

Time to Repent Before it is Too Late for the Next Generation

It is time to repent with each other and our children. Also, it is time to reconcile where reconciliation needs to take place. Lastly, it is time to stop beating our chests.

Get Humble. Get Real. Be Authentic!

Are we serious about our faith? Do we truly want to pass it on to the next generation? If so, it is time to make things right. Not only do we need to die to our flesh, but also we must eradicate our pride, and admit our flawed practices. Finally, we need to start abiding by the weightier matters.

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Don’t you agree that it is about time that we stop concentrating on self and lay down our lives? It isn’t everyone else’s fault, it’s mine. It’s yours.

What is the Goal of Being a Crossed Over Hebrew Torah Observant Believer? Mercy, Kindness?

Must it be about convincing others that I am right? Is it to get excited about every new theory you hear? Is it to become more knowledgable? To be a remnant of one?

OR. Could it be to serve and love Yah and each other? Have we lost sight of our first love?

What is Our True Identity? Abide in The Weightier Matters

Everyone carries on about labels, and either refuses or insists on or against certain labels. The silliness of it seems to not be noticed by many. Folks, whatever. Let it go. We are grafted in, Hebrews. If you want to say ‘I just follow the Bible’ fine by me. But please do it without the judgemental attitude. You may think you have found a way around labels – but really you just created another one.

Is your choice better or worse than the next guys–? Does following the Melchizedek understanding make you superior to those of us that disagree or don’t understand?

Why can’t we be satisfied in our personal walks without insisting and dividing over our unique understandings?

Is Identifying as a Rebel More Important to You than Being Part of His Body?

In our experience, too many of us are all about having our way. Being heard, but not hearing. Spouting our knowledge, but ignoring our true giftings.

Insisting on things going our way, using the version we like best, the music we believe is anointed, the label we endorse.

Demanding structure or lack of structure, the way we want or don’t want, leadership and accountability – our way only – bodes poorly for everyone.

Where is our heart for being a body? We have no vision of being His body. Only my way is correct. I can’t work with you because you think meeting in buildings is wrong. Or you can’t work with me because I like the intimacy the home setting provides.

We can both list our valid points. Why can’t we hear each other? Why can’t we meet in the middle and follow hard after Him, instead of striving so hard and vehemently to have our way and prove we are right?

Time to Repent – Mercy and Kindness–the Missing Pieces

Loving your neighbor as yourself. You know the stuff the church seems to do better than us. The stuff our children recognize we are missing. The things that make us ugly can be healed with mercy and kindness.

We are one crazy mixed up people. And the time is past to grow up. Separate into two groups, those that want to follow Yahshua and those that want to follow themselves. If you are in the first group, don’t let anything stop you from being apart of the bigger thing happening here.

HRM is beautiful, and of Yah, of this, we are convinced. It is not too late to change and help hand this on to our children with love and grace.

The Choice is Ours. Can We Turn it Around?

Living as His body in spirit and truth is going to require a completely new paradigm.

  • One based in Love
  • One based on Him
  • Choosing to Agree to Disagree
  • Loyalty to being a part of His body
  • Dying to ourselves
  • Abiding in Faith, Mercy, and Justice
  • Admitting our flaws and not dividing is we are called out on them
  • Humility and Courage to repent
  • Humility and Courage to confront sin in love
  • Willingness to accept structure, leadership, and accountability as good and Biblical
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