Structure is Too “Churchy”

orderly woodgrain God is a God of Order not Chaos

What are your feelings about structure within your home assembly? Do you feel push back against it? As you grow, does it make more sense to have some?

Free flowing, organic worship with only the Ruach’s (Holy Spirit’s) leading sounds ideal. Add in a structure and a plan and you’ll lose the joy. Or not.

Can the Spirit be stopped by structure? Or is it more likely our hearts that get in the way?

Is our Yah a God of chaos or order? We only have to look at creation to answer that question. Not just order, but highly intricate structure.

While one or two families ‘winging it’ each week may not be a problem, when your numbers start growing, structure becomes necessary.

Do you ever wonder if the loud voices opposing structure and order really want open chaos or are they simply not happy with the overall direction the group is going? Those opposing any order or changes should be listened to and their opinions considered with sincerity. Try to get to the root of what the issues may be for them.

What’s the Downside to Structure for Home Assemblies?

  • Relying on ‘program’- doing the same order can lead to apathy and less engagement. Don’t even go there, this is where leadership can shine keeping the structure fresh and alive.
  • Cliques -we are comfortable in our little groups and can leave others feeling left out and uncomfortable
  • Church Speak – using our Hebraic or Christian catch phrases and insider meanings can lead visitors cold – be sure to interpret and include newbies.
  • Responsibility falling on too few – or pushed out to too many. There are usually a handful of people that do 90% of the work in any group. Be wary of this as you work on implementing Biblical structure. Pull in everyone to serve with their gifting.

How to implement it? How to use structure for an orderly, yet Ruach (Holy Spirit) led meeting? How to let visitors know what to expect…this and much more – coming soon!

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