Steps for Accepting People with Different Views

3 Steps for Accepting People for Who They Are

Accepting people with differing views is not always easy. Think about that person in your life, maybe your fellowship, who drives you absolutely crazy. Whether co-worker, acquaintance, or family member or part of your Shabbat group, there’s nothing worse than having to deal with someone who gets under your skin. The problem is, you can’t change the people around you.

You can, on the other hand, change you.

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By learning to accept people for who they are, you’ll find your interactions with these individuals will become easier. You’ll be more easygoing and less likely to get bent out of shape. In short, you’ll become happier and experience far less stress. 

Sound too easy? It really can be. Just start with these three steps for accepting people who they are:

Accepting Different Views: Recognize Everyone is Unique

When we feel secure in how we’re living our lives or following the Torah, it’s natural to think others should do as we do. 

For example, indeed, you might expect your children to follow the same path. The truth is, not everyone’s way is going to look like yours. Your child may not feel suited to the lifestyle or has other ideas on how to follow The Father. Does this make them wrong? Or rather, is it for us to judge? 

 When we recognize everyone is unique and has their own path to follow, it becomes easier to accept them for who they are.

It’s Okay to Disagree with Those with Differing Views

Sometimes we see someone we love making choices we’re not comfortable with. Perhaps someone you care about has decided to go back to the traditional church, or maybe we’re worried that if our child takes a year off to travel to “find themselves” that they’ll never go back to our faith. 

When the person you disagree with is an adult, and they’re not doing something to physically harm themselves or someone else, it becomes time to back off. Rather than feeling threatened or disappointed in their choices, ask yourself what you might be able to learn from them. 

Their unique point of view is something to celebrate. Loving and supporting them through these sorts of differences will go a lot further in bringing them back to the heart of the matter than anger and disapproval will. After all, Yah created them an individual with choices to make their own life to live.

Stop Worrying about if they agree – What About You?

In the end, if you’re caught up in how other people are living their lives, you’re focusing your attention in the wrong place. The only person you can actually change is you. 

Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and start paying attention to different choices you could make that would create more joy in life and bring glory to YHVH. 

Accepting people with different views as shown in living stones#Pin

With this in mind, you’ll find it easier to accept the people around you. Who knows, maybe you’ll feel a little happier with who you are as well.

Reasons Why We Find It Hard to Accept Things as They Are

When we set out to understand Torah, so much of what we need to learn is grounded in acceptance. 

  • If we set out to accept who we are as individuals.
  • When we try to accept the people around us without changing them.
  • And we need to accept some things cannot be fixed, some people will not change.
  • We accept that sometimes we need to let something go and try something new.

For some reason, though, we tend to fight acceptance, even when we know it’s good for us in the long run. Why is it so hard?

“His Spirit will only lead us to Him, what He desires from us.  Obedience, but not just legalistic, letter-of-the-law obedience, but a true desire to please Him and love Him. What He desires is obedience from the heart, and that is the heart of the matter.”

Psalm 119Ministries

Accepting Different Views – We are Afraid

Most of our fear is grounded in the feeling that we will somehow lose control by allowing for a difference of opinion. If we accept our teen is not going, say to Sukkot this year, we fear they won’t ever go again. 

We fear that if we accept who they are now, they won’t ever change. Typically, these fears have no basis in reality. This is because fear has a way of getting under your skin. Think of these acronyms:

  • False
  • Evidence 
  • Appearing
  • Real
  • Future
  • Events 
  • Already
  • Ruined

To combat this fear, you need to ask yourself some hard questions. What is the root of this fear? Is it reasonable?

Accepting Different Views – We Lack Faith

At times, we don’t want to accept where we or our friends and family are or where we’re going because we really don’t know if everything is going to be okay. 

Here’s where you are required to trust that YHVH has the ability needed to get where He wants you to be. Accept you’re capable of taking His path, using the Ruach as your guide. Have you been down this road before, perhaps? If not, has someone else? If the answer is yes, then how can you apply those lessons?

Accepting People with Different Views? We Expect Too Much from Others

Sometimes our acceptance is blocked by the worry that when we accept those around us, they’ll let us down somehow. Occasionally, our egos tell us if they disagree with us, they are letting us down. 

We need to examine whether we’re asking too much, or if it’s your needs, that you’re asking them to fulfill, not theirs.

We Lack Humility in Accepting People with Different Views

It would appear this is the enormous reason for the Hebraic community having so much division.

Acceptance comes especially hard for those who think their way is always right. It’s hard to accept the ideas or input of those around you when you’re caught up in this kind of black and white thinking. 

By recognizing you don’t know Everything, and that other people have valid contributions to make, you’ll find it easier to accept what someone else is doing might also be right.

Accepting things the way they are is absolutely crucial to your mental health. It’s exhausting to continually fight to be in control of Everything, and it’s wildly impractical. 

Different Hands

Learn to let go. Accept the world around you, and you will finally find your faith grows, and more folks are drawn into your ideas.

5 Reasons Why It’s Smart to Be Accepting of Others‘ Ideas

Our own ideas are the best, right? While we admire our own prowess, sometimes we have to face the truth. We don’t always know best. We might not have the full information, or our study takes us in a different direction than someone else’s. Yes, it is possible that our understanding is just that! As opposed to being fact.

But even with this knowledge, it’s sometimes hard to give up our ideas for someone else’s. Sadly, we see relationships and fellowships split over unique understandings of doctrine, concepts, and other minor things.

How do you know when it’s smart to be accepting of others’ ideas?

We Don’t Know Everything – We have to admit this.

It’s absolutely impossible to know Everything about Torah, Torah living, the original language, and all the other pet matters we tend to put above relationships. This means that while we might have some great ideas with the information we have, there might be better understandings, including information you didn’t have. By accepting that other people know more than you do in some areas, you can also receive their ideas might have some unique aspects lacking in your own.

Silver-Plated Yemenite (Kudu) Shofar

We Want to be Good Leaders & Accepting of People with Different Views

The exceptional leader knows how to make everyone feel as though they are contributing, thereby giving them ownership in a project. 

By letting others weigh-in, we’re acknowledging those around us have something to contribute. This isn’t an empty gesture, either. If your brothers and sisters aren’t able to actually participate, why are they in your fellowship in the first place?

Other People Get Good Ideas Too – accepting people with different views

Even when you’re sure you have all the information, academic research, original language prowess, it might be that someone else will put it together differently or more Biblically than you would have. 

This is why it’s such a good thing to be interested in other ideas, as it might be someone else who has walked closely with the Ruach or has thought through the process in a completely different way, with YHVH’s help.

You Show You Care About Someone Else’s Opinion

Conflict happens when people don’t feel like they’re contributing because they aren’t being listened to. By accepting new ideas, you’re letting people know their opinion matters, and that they have insights you value.

You Allow People to Grow When You Accept Differing Views

Even if an idea isn’t always the correct view, allowing someone to share on their thoughts will give them a chance to find out whether or not it works for them. Sometimes it’s okay to let people be wrong, as this is where the most growth and learning happens. 

The Israel Bible Daily Inspirations

Other peoples’ ideas are full of value you might not have realized otherwise. This is why it’s so smart to entertain thoughts belonging to someone else. In the end, the one who benefits most is you, who will be given the opportunity to think through something you might not have thought of previously. 

You also come out ahead by being seen as someone who values the input of others, and who is willing to listen to something outside of their own voice.

The Benefit of Accepting Those You Don’t Like and How to Get Started

Let’s face it, you’re not going to like everyone. Sometimes the feeling is mutual. We meet someone who just rubs us wrong. You’re instant rivals, right down to the barely suppressed sneer and curled lip.

Other times it’s not quite so dramatic. You might be making every effort to build a relationship, but they’re just not having it. Or there’s some previous history standing in the way of a relationship with someone.

Whatever the case, there comes a time to let dislike go. Holding onto animosity, even something so subtle as not wanting to be around a particular individual at Shavout, only winds up hurting you in the end. In fact, you might be missing out on some hidden benefits by accepting someone you don’t like.

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The benefits of accepting those you dislike are many:

  • Reduces stress caused by the tension within the relationship
  • Cuts down anxiety regarding what the other person will say or do
  • Frees you from destructive thought patterns regarding this individual
  • Allows you to enjoy your relationships fully without worrying about how someone will or won’t react

To get started, you only need to follow these three steps.

Address Any Fears, Allow for Biblical Boundaries

Frequently, when we dislike someone, it’s because they’re triggering us somehow. By looking deeper into the emotions being raised, and addressing them, you’ll be able to let go of a lot of the negativity you’re feeling toward them. 

This is especially true of fears, which have a way of looking like a lot of other things, such as dislike. 

Let Go of the Anger & Accept People with Different Views

Much like fears, anger has a way of keeping up a pretense of hearty dislike. This is what happens when you let things fester, especially over something you’ve been holding onto for a while. 

Pro tip? Try forgiveness. Lay the past to rest between you and try accepting this individual now, in the moment. Forgiving and accepting is not the same as reconciliation and restoration in a relationship. Boundaries are important.

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Look for the Good in the Relationship & Accept People with Different Views

If you’re caught up in dislike, you might not have noticed there has been a positive impact on your relationship. 

Look for the things you’ve learned from the individual. Even harsh lessons have a way of guiding us onto new paths, benefitting us in the long run. 

Sometimes we do ourselves a great disservice by hanging onto an immediate feeling of dislike for someone. As humans who grow and change, if we allow for it, relationships with those we don’t like can improve. 

Accepting people with differing views makes a real difference for relationships. Even if the connection never becomes stronger, accepting that the person is just the way they are will bring more peace into your life. You can maintain healthy boundaries and live peaceably, even with folks with differing views.

Please note: some links are affiliate links, which means, at no extra cost to you, if you purchase an item from the link I may receive a small compensation.

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