Midrashing – Can we learn how?

We at The Weightier Matters are not against the discussing, Midrashing and exploring the less weighty matters. However, we believe those of us in the western culture need to learn a new (to us) path. A more ancient way of Midrashing. Indeed, a way that does not divide or tear us apart.

What if, as a western Hebraic culture we were to embrace Halahka (the way we walk) of recognizing we are western thinkers? And, as such, disagreeing peaceably does not come as easy to us as it does to those of more eastern thinking.

With that in mind, could we, individually, and as a group, pursue learning how to agree to disagree? If you are interested in our hopes here at The Weightier Matters, please check out our Home Page.

Could or should we reserve Midrashing and debating for times outside of Shabbat? What if we had a monthly “Midrash in Love” event? With the distinct purpose being two-fold. One, to share what we are learning and excited about. Likewise, what we think is important for others to understand. And secondly, to practice accepting others not agreeing or being as passionate as we are about whatever the subject is.

As Brad Scott states in his article, What is Under the Law Part 4; “Midrash draws a personal, moral or ethical meaning from the text”. We have a long way to go in what is currently being practiced as Midrashing.

It may be an idea that could bring less divisiveness into the movement. What are your thoughts on bringing more Shalom into the movement? While at the same time not neglecting pursuing deeper learning?

4 thoughts on “Midrashing – Can we learn how?”

  1. I completely agree that we can take something from the older ways of reading and studying His work. We are so caught up in our technology and life that we forget about what should be most important to us.


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