How to NOT Be the Body of Messiah


If you are easily offended, do not read. If you want to have Unity take these to Heart. What NOT to do.

If introspection scares you – run.

Truth spoke with tongue in cheek – I bet you could add ten more to this list if you have ever regularly met in church or fellowship with human beings!

Gossip and Backstab, while being lovely and friendly in person.

Be a Prima Donna and get your feelings hurt constantly.

Be a verbal bully– ignore social cues that others are bored or would like a chance to give input.

Avoid conflict at all costs, refer to yourself as a peacemaker, but never make peace.

Never put effort into trying to understand other’s perspectives.

Fight to the end that your perspective is right.

Play the victim card when all else fails.

Let your marriage problems into the group dynamics. 

Women -be jealous of any other woman that intimidates you.

Men – smush any strong women that intimidate you.

Women – don’t try to help your man grow.

Do not consider children or young adults – it’s good to bore them.

Peace at all costs; do not put effort into growing together or working anything out.

Sweep, sweep, sweep stuff under that rug.

Make stuff up when you are feeling really defensive.

Wrangle over common words, definitions and understandings.

Insist on no accountability, leadership or structure.

Hold long-term grudges that you refuse to address because you are so forgiving.

Believe yourself to have strong convictions about gossip, while consistently speaking negatively about others.

If someone asks you to help them understand, be offended and say that would be gossip and you would never do that.

Then be mad at the same people for not turning to you for advice.

Demand things be run Biblically in a group that does not want that 🙁

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