Hosting Bible Study in Your Home?

hosting bible study in your home

We are working hard here at The Weightier Matters and will soon be releasing our Hosting Packet with all kinds of helps for making hosting any group in your home easier. Bring the joy back to hospitality.

For now we have ready for your use our Potluck and Oneg Label Set and our personlizable Potluck Guidelines. Both ones are available here. Drop us a note about what kind of help or advice you need as far as hosting in your home goes.

Blessings as you seek to Glorify God in your home assembly.

2 thoughts on “Hosting Bible Study in Your Home?”

  1. I just love hosting Bible studies at my house. Especially with all of my girls and their friends from school. It can just become such a great time! And it gives us a great excuse to have a fire and roast smores.


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