God Says Speak Truth in Love

Why Silence Encourages Sin and Speaking Truth in Love Encourages Repentance and Reconciliation

Ordinary people are called to speak life and Truth every day. God mandates that we speak Truth in love. You may feel that it is an unwelcome calling. Moreover, we would agree. Part of the reason speaking Truth is so unpopular is due to our culture’s influence. Indeed within believing communities, it is seldom the norm to speak the Truth, to rebuke or really to do anything outside of showering cheap grace on pretty much everything. It should not be so!

Speaking Truth in Love - is it undervalued? How are we to obey The Word if Truth telling is a cultural sin?

Why does He Call us to Speak Truth in Love?

Giving YHVH our best includes doing and saying hard things as He leads us. As is in line with His scriptural mandates, gently, with love, but yes, speaking Truth with love is part of the job description of followers of the ultimate Truth Teller, Yeshua.

Indeed, regardless of the task, He assigns us, He leaves us responsible only for ourselves (and in some ways our families). Therefore, speaking Truth in love is our task, but not our responsibility. If you have followed Biblical guidelines and prayerfully spoken about whatever He has asked you to, you have no further worry. Their response is not up to you – you cannot convince anyone to understand or accept the Truth. You can love them enough to obey God when He asks you to speak. You can love people regardless of how they respond. Beyond that, you are not to worry.

Love includes bearing one another’s burdens

While we may not have bottom line responsibility for others, we are supposed to bear one another burdens and walk alongside one another – and that includes speaking the Truth in love and encouraging maturity. In our world of looking the other way and pretending not to see or notice sin, we fail to obey the admonishments of God. We fail to obey His word.

Ever notice how the only “negative” the world seems truly angry about is Christianity and Judaism? All other ‘wrongs’ are excused or embraced. So why in our believing world is the same skewed judgment being played out? Where the only ‘sin’ people are willing to get mad about is the ‘sin’ of rebuking or confronting? Why are we so scared of the Truth? Why do we tend to focus on the messenger? If the messenger sins and does a poor job of the ‘in love’ part does it make the truth any less true? No, but it does make it harder to hear, harder to accept. Speaking in love is of utmost importance.

Proverbs 27:17 The truth about how unpopular Truth is. Speak truth with Love.

Admonish, Rebuke and COMMUNICATE IN LOVE

Is it not so that the Bible speaks to this issue? Why does He want us to be straight with each other? To encourage repentance. Because He loves every one of us sinners, he wants us abiding, living with Him in constant reconciliation. Brotherly communication is part of His love for us. It is part of the gift He wants to give us. Yet we turn our back on it and call good evil.

God encourages us to see He works even through painful trials. Often even excruciating circumstances are for our good. It is for our benefit to tell the Truth in love.

For they have not listened to my words,” declares the Lord, “words that I sent to them again and again by my servants the prophets. And you exiles have not listened either,” declares the Lord.

Jeremiah 29:19

God is Both Gracious and Just, Truth and Love

“The Lord is slow to anger but great in power;
    the Lord will not leave the guilty unpunished.”

Nahum 1:3

His love is unconditional. A spirit of religion amongst a people can create a group mentality that hates both Truth and any messengers of Truth. We have heard it stated that the spirit of religion is in structure and leadership and accountability. No dear friends, it is in our hearts pushing against being real and authenticate with each other, but mostly importantly with our Yah. It is the hypocritical spirit shown in Matthew 23.

Is speaking the Truth in love worth it?

Religion wants to look good – Relationship is good

We may fill our time so full of doing what we think is our duty, doing all the things that make us appear righteous – but be unable to listen to Truth.
Therefore, believing we would have been on the right side of any historical event without deeply considering ourselves and the ways we allow ourselves to be influenced.
Did not the prophets and Yeshua show some irony/sarcasm about this kind of attitude?

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  1. You really cannot be right by Him unless you live your life in His word. It can just be so difficult to know what He’s talking about or saying all the time. I rarely find a time to sit down and listen. Any tips on how to make real-time to do this every day?


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