Guidelines for Home Gathering Potlucks & Onegs

Six Easy Ideas to Implement Now for Potlucks and Onegs in Home Assemblies & Gatherings

In most home gatherings and assemblies, food is an integral part of the joy and fellowship. At times though, food can add difficulties and stress for the host and guests.

In this post, let’s explore six easy to implement ideas for taking the stress out of breaking bread together. Download our Potluck Guidelines to personalize for your assembly.

Breaking Bread in Homes Save your sanity and keep the joy of home potlucks

A Clean-up Plan for Home Gathering Potlucks

Six Ways to Survive Home potlucks

1-Have a plan for clean-up. Again, having a written guideline that all have read can help the day run smoothly without hurt feelings or frustrations. Some strategies for clean up could be one group (men, women, children or teens) in charge of food set-up and another in charge of inside clean up with a third group is responsible for outside clean-up.

Clear Guidelines for Acceptable Food Offerings

2 – Have clear guidelines as to what people should and should not bring. If you are a clean eating community that embraces visitors, you will want this to be clear in any invitation verbal or written. If you have chosen to ask folks to avoid notoriously messing culinary items like Cheetos and Brownies make this clear also. Written guidelines make this sort of communication pain-free.

Don’t Leave the Brunt of the Expenses on Your Host

3-It is best to set-up some form of a contribution to offset the cost of hosting. Hosting is a cumbersome and time-consuming responsibility. Bearing the brunt of the cost of paper goods, and other supplies should be spread throughout the community. You can set this up through a fund that reimburses your host or through assigning people to contribute needed items.

Be Sure Hosts are in Agreement with Leadership of Your Home Gathering

4-The host family and leadership must be in agreement to avoid any discord. In the host’s home, they are indeed in charge to some degree. On the other hand, if your group has established leadership that should be respected and meetings should only be held in homes that are in accord with the established direction.

Have Clear Expectations in Regards to Alcohol at Home Gathering Potlucks

5- Wine and other alcoholic beverages served during fellowship times and celebrations are acceptable in most Messianic assemblies. Great care should be taken that no under-age drinking takes place and that all adults are setting upright examples.

Young Children Must be Attended to at All Times

6- An essential rule in regards to food, is young children must be attended at all times. Wandering little ones with food and sticky hands are every host’s nightmare. We all parent in different ways, and that is to be expected and accepted. However, when it comes to food and group meetings, make it clear what your group’s expectations for little one’s care are.

Home Potluck Guidelines-make your own


“it’s usually easier to divide the food among different tables and different spaces. For example, you could put all the vegetarian food in one place or divide the dishes on tables designated for hot and cold food, or starters and main dishes.”

Today, How to Host the Perfect Potluck

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And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.

Acts 2:42

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  1. I am always forgetting the cleanup portion when I throw parties or potlucks. It would make my life so much easier if I had a cleanup plan that I could have people help me with when they offer at the end of the night.


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