Celebrating His Feasts from Your Heart – Prepare Now :-)

Fall Feasts Season is Almost Upon Us ~ How to approach the His Biblical Feasts

Celebrating His Feasts from the Heart often requires some genuine preparation. We want to take a look at the way we prepare and live out His feasts from the following angles:

  • What if I don’t have a Fellowship to celebrate with?
  • Feeling overwhelmed with how time-intensive the Feasts are?
  • Teaching my children and grandchildren the meaning
  • Living them out from our hearts

Ideas for Celebrating His Feasts When You Don’t Have a Local Community

Lack of a local fellowship can be so frustrating for all of us, right? Maybe you live where no one like-minded is, perhaps there has been a break with the local group. But, for whatever reason, you are alone. Or your family is alone for the feasts.

Idea #1 Enjoy this time of intimacy with Abba and your family. Make each Feast as precious and special as you possibly can. Deeply delve into the meanings. If you have not already developed your families traditions for celebrating His feasts, start choosing them now before they arrive.

Idea #2 Put out an open invitation to the broader community. Yes, even to those you may not get along with well or have different understandings than you. To strangers and any within driving distance. Basically, if they believe in celebrating His feasts, and are Yahshua loving – include them in your outreach.

To flesh this out, we will be posting a practical how-to host a feast guide soon.

Are You Feeling Like You Don’t Have the Time to Prep or Celebrate?

Believe us when we tell you we understand! If you were not raised celebrating the Biblical Feasts, it takes years to learn, understand, and flow with them. We are going on ten plus years of celebrating them personally – and the richness and learning have not even come close to an end.

Idea #1 Start now! Make a plan to daily work on preparing your heart and plan for actual feast celebrations. If we start in small incremental steps, we don’t overwhelm ourselves, and we will see progress sooner than we realize.

Idea #2 Set the dates aside NOW if you have not already. Make sure you have all extra Shabbats free from obligations. Just the peace of knowing you have the set-apart times free from obligations will open up the joy of this season for you.

Idea #3 Heart prep – spend your personal or devotional time opening Abba to show you what He has for you this season. The fall season is so rich. See our brief post with some ideas of how to prep your heart.

Teaching Our Children and Grandchildren about Celebrating His Feasts

We are a homeschooling family, and indeed the education we have gained from educating our children has been a more profound education than any formal education either of us has been through!

Idea #1 Indeed, as we embrace sharing the season with the children and grandchildren – this becomes our learning platform also. And this is good!! You don’t always have to spend adult time and kid time learning and growing. Abba can use either or both to reach your heart. Let Him!

Idea #2 Let your love for those looking up to you motivate you. Yes! I want them to know about this stuff. I want to create memories around His feasts. This can be a substantial motivating factor for many of us to put the time and energy into learning, loving, and living His feasts. Even if you have been burned out with the divisiveness and ugliness within HRM. This is a place we can be re-invigorated with joy.

Living Out & Celebrating His Feasts from Our Hearts

There is such comfort in the familiar and in rules or plans, right? But, as we all know legalistic thinking is what we as a movement are often accused of – and sadly, it can be a very tempting crutch just to obey Torah, do the Feast, etc.

Idea #1 It is a choice we each individually, and sometimes as a family must make. We need to choose with each new celebration He offers us what we will do with His gift. Choose to embrace it and celebrate His Feasts from your heart.

Idea #2 Find and read other peoples thoughts and ideas. Learn and grow with and from those you respect. Don’t follow blindly, be discerning and careful. But we have a lot of resources for growth and learning to choose from. Maybe this year you will approach a feast from a different heart place, and that is okay!

Seek Yah Above All and Reach Out to Your Brothers

We hope our brief ideas have been helpful. We are walking this same path and learning and sharing as we go.

 “…the Biblical Fall Festival season…..a very joyous season, yet one that should be approached soberly.”

Torah Class

He does ask us to be His body – so we must keep our hearts open to His invitations to work, celebrate, and grow together.

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