Do Not Forget YHVH Your Elohim

Ekev – “Because”  Deuteronomy 7:12 – 11:25 Are we in danger of forgetting YHVH our Elohim? Do you ever think about why you were born an American?   About 20 years ago, we looked into the idea of adopting a child from Ethiopia.  We discovered that I was “too old,” as I was already older than the average … Read more

Prepare Our Hearts for His Fall Feasts

The Fall Feasts are profound and deeply meaningful, a gift from Abba. Indeed, and as such, let’s stretch ourselves to learn and grow during each season of His Biblical cycles. As we prepare our hearts for His Fall Feast season, let’s seek to find the Messianic depth in each one. As we prepare our hearts … Read more

Embrace Tisha b’Av as Grafted in Messiah Followers

A day of mourning. A day of introspection. So many severe and unthinkable events on this date, throughout history. A day of fasting. For what was lost in hopes of what will be found. The list of the losses we remember on Tisha b’Av: the day where most the spies returned defeated in spirit the … Read more

Structure is Too “Churchy”

What are your feelings about structure within your home assembly? Do you feel push back against it? As you grow, does it make more sense to have some? Free flowing, organic worship with only the Ruach’s (Holy Spirit’s) leading sounds ideal. Add in a structure and a plan and you’ll lose the joy. Or not. … Read more