Benefits of Conflict 
in a Torah Observant Lifestyle

Conflict in Torah Observant Lifestyle?

When you experience a violent storm, it’s easy to rail against the weather. The wind and the rain can seem terrifying. Especially when coupled with the crash of thunder and the bright crackle of lightning splitting the sky. 

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benefits come with conflict?

Man contemplating conflict within Torah Observant Lifestyle

Conflicts make us aware of new ways to do things and think about things.

The very fact that there’s conflict within a Torah observant lifestyle tells you that someone else has a different point of view from your own. By exploring those differences, you are likewise invited to explore the idea from a new angle. And maybe see a new solution or understanding that wouldn’t have occurred previously.

When we start from an understanding of love and agreeing to disagree. When our goal is to maintain respect for one another. Then conflict becomes genuine Midrash, where we can grow and learn from one another. Can you begin to see how the conflict in a Torah observant lifestyle can benefit us?

Conflicts enable us to verbalize better what we understand.

Think of conflict as a way of being able to genuinely express yourself. A way that doesn’t come up easily at other times. It’s through conflict that we decide what’s important to us. In addition, how to put those feelings, beliefs, and understandings into words.

Through conflict in a Torah keeper’s life, we can become more articulate. Likewise, we learn to be ready to always give an explanation for what we believe.

Conflict Amongst Torah Keepers Drives Flexibility

When we have a conflict, we’re hoping for others to see our point of view. But also in dealing with conflict, we’re forced to see the perspective of those around us. That is where we learn how to become flexible, to acknowledge that we’re not always right.

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The conflict then becomes the teacher of two traits that you can’t live without! That of being open-minded, and of understanding humility.

“Conflicts allow you to identify problems you need to solve, helping you strengthen your organization.”

Advantages & Disadvantages of Conflicts in Organizations

Conflict Forces Us to Listen to Other Torah Keepers

The only way to resolve conflict is to listen openly to the other person. Through listening, we acquire wisdom and learn to make better decisions. We deepen our relationships with others, with Yah and with ourselves.

Choosing to look at something from another perspective grows our very souls!

Conflict Drives Solutions in Torah Observant Lifestyle

When you deal with conflict, you are likewise dealing with a problem that needs a solution. Resolving that conflict means finding those solutions, usually in unique and innovative ways. Conflict, therefore, forces us to solve our problems creatively.

While initially, you might shy away from the idea of conflict, it’s good to remember these benefits. Without conflict, we often stagnate. So while the storm outside might rage, remember that eventually, all tempests do come to an end. The sun will come out again. And in that light, you’ll be able to see just how much you’ve grown and benefitted by that conflict.

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