About Us

Brian and Cate

The Way of The Weightier Matters – An admonishment whose time has come!

Providing helps and resources for home gatherings has been placed strongly upon our hearts. Whether you’ve been assembling in homes for twenty years, like us, or are just starting out, we want to help.

The way of the weightier matters.

We have been meeting in our home for fellowship for the better part of almost twenty years. First in a traditional Christian way and in the last decade or so with a Hebraic understanding. We desire to take our years of experience and provide help for the stickier areas of Home Gatherings.

We are Brian and Cate, parents of seven wonderful arrows, parents-in-love of three amazing people and grandparents of four delightful grandchildren.

Over the years we have known the amazing love and intimacy that a home setting for gathering together can bring.

Growing in Him

We have known and witnessed the good, the bad and yes, the downright ugly.

We have also seen, not just in our own experience, but witnessed in many other home groups the heartbreak that the divisiveness of pride and lack of vision can bring.

We feel a bit like Thomas Edison when he said “I have not failed. I have found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

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