Justice Faith Mercy

Peaceably Abiding in Shalom Together

Choosing Echad, Seeking His Will

Helping you build Biblical Style Fellowships, for His Glory
Agreeing to Disagree on the less-weighty issues.

Keeping it simple, we want to provide resources for those in or thinking about starting a home fellowship.

While we specialize in Messianic and Hebrew Roots, our resources will also work well for more traditional Christian home churches.

We want to encourage all believers in YHVH to come together under His Son’s instructions and abide in the Weightier Matters. 

We believe most home fellowships end up failing due to a lack of the following:

  • No heart or understanding for accountability. 
  • No heart or understanding for Biblical leadership.
    Lack of structure.
  • Lack of a plan of how to deal with issues when they arise.
  • Lack of choosing to agree to disagree on the less weighty issues

We believe becoming a true body of Messiah is possible.

But it takes humility and above all seeking His will.

Weightier Matters is committed to addressing and providing help and resources in each of the above areas.We would love to have your input on what further issues you are aware of that need addressing.

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